sustainability resources

what is fast fashion?

'inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends' - oxford dictionary

at remass, we believe that as the younger generation, we must look after our planet so that future generations can live on our earth. the textile industry harms our planet in ways we cannot fathom, with the world's population consuming 80 billion new pieces of clothing per year, 400% more than two decades ago.

what is environmental sustainability?

'the responsibility to conserve natural resources and protect global ecosystems to support health and wellbeing, now and in the future' - sphera

we believe that encouraging sustainable shopping is key in allowing our population to take action in caring for the future of our planet and that the approach of shopping vintage shouldn't be an unaccessible privilege but a right. it is our mission to create a sustainable slow fashion alternative.

what we do:

we re-home clothes that would otherwise end up in landfill from warehouses across the globe, and work to repurpose clothes with any defects through acts of love in the form of repair to ensure their lifespan is continued. our original designs use only end-of-the-line fabric, so even in creating new pieces, we're consciously not adding any further to the abundance of material already in circulation.

we hope to inspire others to be mindful about where their clothes come from, any individual step towards living a sustainable lifestyle is progress for the future of our planet.


♡ remass began from danielle’s bedroom in 2018 with the desire to make sustainable fashion accessible !
♡ since our start on depop, remass has grown into a team of five girlieeessss (meet us!) working to continue this goal alongside 150k+ followers across all social platforms (follow us!)
♡ our passion for sustainability and awareness of the inherently circular nature of fashion led us to launch our own designs…

remass originals ♡

♡ as much as we loved selling vintage one of a kind pieces, we felt it was time to expand and make timeless, classic pieces that we felt were missing in circulation. so… in 2021 we launched our own designs, inspired by the 90s and 2000s era that every girl would feel their most confident self in!
♡ our remass original designs are made with love in the uk by our cuuute team of skilled seamstresses using end of the line fabric that is either defective or thrown away by factories as sustainability is extremely important to us ! all of our labels and packaging is biodegradable x
♡ a lot of time and effort goes into designing our originals and sourcing the perfect fabrics to ensure the quality and distinctiveness in our products !

♡ thank you for joining our community ! we hope you love your pieces as much as we do ♡