remass answers your fashion queries...

remass answers your fashion queries...

we headed to instagram to ask you guys your fashion queries and had some really great ones and we had a lot of fun answering them!

i need a fashion reboot! i want to shop sustainably but i don't have time to go shopping as i work full time and i dont want to do a big order on a fast fashion website

we completely understand your struggle...wanting a whole new wardrobe is time consuming especially if you're wanting to source those sustainable gems. luckily for you we have exactly what you're looking for! we create something called style bundles, this can be as many outfits as you like, as accessorised as you like. just fill out the form here and tell us what style you're looking for, you can be as detailed as you like. this is a really fun process for us and you <3

fashion is hugely important to me but i struggle to find brands that are transparent, sustainable and ethical in what they do, what should i look out for?  

measuring a company's eco-consciousness depends on many factors, including the ethical treatment of workers, waste management practices and responsible sourcing. if you're unsure scout the brand's website they should provide information there and if they don't that might be a red can see our sustainabilty info here.

i'm going to a last minute festival this week and have NO IDEA what to wear. help!

 we have the perfect thing for you...look how amazing these sparkly tops are. pair them with some frayed shorts or a silky skirt and you're ready to go.

i recently bought the remass x flossie emma set and i LOVE it so much... but i'm not very good at styling it, do you guys have recomendations on what to wear it with? i want to dress it up but also wear it more casually

this is such a great question, we have put together a styling collection for the whole remass x flossie collection. feel free take inspiration from the pieces we selected or you can buy them and recreate the looks we put together.