MISS REMASS...our inspiration

MISS REMASS...our inspiration

hey besties, 

jemima (email marketing and graphics) here. we just dropped a new vintage collection called 'miss remass' which is inspired by everything 90s. our studio manager olive came up with the collection name when she was inspired by all the 90's clothing labels she kept finding from our stock, which all seemed to start with 'miss'. below are just a few of the labels we found.


all the vintage 'miss' tags            olive (studio manager)

it's part of my role to come up with shoot concepts hair, makeup and styling. i had a lot of fun putting together moodboards and pose ideas. olive told me she could recreate a very fun 90s hairstyle which i wanted to do, and she really pulled it off!

then it was shoot day! olive (studio manager) and mia (social media manager) were our models 

bts shoot-jemima taking photos of mia

the collection is full of the coolest 90s pieces, we're talking hooded dresses, animal print, graphic prints, corset tops, pinstripe trousers, plaid print, denim mini skirts, diamonte jeans and so much more. shop it here.

i styled the outfits with bella hadid inspired reading glasses, visor sunglasses and topped it off with 90s inspired brown lip liner. 


           some of the final shots

 shop our 'miss remass' drop here.